This Carousel is Not for Children


My mental foundation-

I was born and raised in East Tennessee and when I was a junior in high school I was part of a Christian speech & debate group.  We had an apologetics event for answering tough current events questions through a faith influenced mindset.  I signed up solo so it was a speech that I had to present with ten minutes at my disposal to answer the question I chose.  My topic: Abortion.  My stance: I don’t believe it’s right, but I will allow you your freedom to choose it so I may keep my choice to have children someday & help prevent ever going towards a China-like state.

As you can imagine, it was far from popular and when people heard it, I rarely felt understood, not to mention welcome, but for me that worked to my advantage and helped me hold to my perspective harder than I would have had people openly agreed with me.  I just wish they could have understood that allowance is not acceptance.

My thoughts-

I share this because the current issue of Planned Parenthood and their use of fetal tissue and organs brings to the surface my relatively controversial view and just how far that allowance should go.

Abortions are performed for many different reasons; they may be necessary if the pregnancy will endanger the life of the mother, or they’re in the gray area that relates to rape, but most of time they’re the result of people not having thought through their life choices before having sex and then choosing the option that permits the continued ease of their lifestyle.

Killing a child through an abortion is already a harsh sentence for someone without a voice.  But to compound that choice with the act of taking apart that child and then selling his or her pieces for profit under the guise of research is just disgusting.

That baby would have grown up to have a first day of school, chosen a pet, decided on what they wanted to be when they grew up; they could have been someone else’s soulmate and maybe have had children of their own some day.  You’re no longer merely taking away that person’s lifetime of choices, but someone else is deciding to dissect them for use in petri dishes & test tubes.

The argument for what is being done could be compared to how Native Americans processed the buffalo.  They thoroughly used the animal so as to show it honor and avoid waste, & while I can see how/why Planned Parenthood and their supporters would want to relate the two, there’s something that’s different: What’s being cut apart is not a buffalo.  It’s a human.

In the film, Logan’s Run, the Carousel was what they used to discard people aging out of their prime.  When we begin to use humans for experimentation on the just because someone didn’t want them and might as well be used to find a cure for something, we’ve begun constructing our own Carousel.  Who’s to say that since we’ve started this process, someone might not decide that fetuses, which are humans that aren’t even fully matured, are no longer good enough for experimentation and instead, 25-35 year-olds would be ideal.

Imagine, if instead of a draft letter implying a chance of death, you received a letter telling you to put your name in a raffle for science and to benefit mankind, where if chosen, your death is guaranteed.

It sounds terrifying and implausible, but if you search the name Josef Mengele with World War II, the previously unthinkable concept now becomes eerily possible.

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Devaluation or just poor wording?

Death and Loss of Life have the same meaning, someone has died and thereby no longer lives, but they have distinctly different inferred meanings.

Death makes me think the cause was premeditated, you know, along the lines of murder, same as the word Kill.

Loss of Life sounds like it just happened, an accident, or carelessness on your own part.

Today President Obama used both of these in a sentence describing what is occurring in Gaza:

“I’ve also said, however, that we have serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths and the loss of Israeli lives.” – Washington Post’s Transcript of Obama’s June 21st Statement

This is not a critique of the President, merely of the wording an individual chooses to use under these circumstances.

That statement is implying that Palestinians are being killed while Israelis are simply dying.  Who do you think is killing the Israelis?  Hamas.

The wording creates a rude prejudice about the predator/victim relationship in the conflict, and is simply unfair in a society of even treatment.  Both groups are having family and friends killed by the opposite, either in defense or in retaliation, and they all deserve respect.  That respect comes from knowing both sides are responsible and neither is blameless or complete victims.

While this may have been an innocuous attempt on a speechwriter’s part to distinguish between the two sets of casualties, it is a sloppy mistake which unfortunately connotes a callous view of the Israeli deaths, and as a country that is supposedly their allies, I believe that’s the last thing we want to portray.

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Positive thoughts about the Coca Cola ad during the 2014 Super Bowl


At some point during last night’s Super Bowl, this little ad aired.

After it was done, my reaction was, “That was well done, I really like that one!”, case closed.  But then this morning when I got on my computer, I was surprised to see a shocking amount of backlash about it.  Some of the complaints are that the American flag wasn’t featured or that everyone should have been speaking English.

After thinking about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that the entire commercial was a good idea, and fine the way it was.  It was Coca Cola’s ad and for the money they paid, they have the right to do whatever they want.  Free speech, and all that jazz.   We let people say negative things about the country all the time, why can’t we accept a compliment gracefully, even if it isn’t delivered the way some want?  After all, Coke was talking about Coca Cola uniting all different people, and the added bonus was that all those people were singing “America the Beautiful”.

For gosh sake, in this world, it’s a bold thing to speak of America favorably, so why the heck are we so quick to try and shoot that down?  If including the heart of E Pluribus Unum in a commercial, by having lots of nationalities singing a song about America in their native tongues, is what it takes for people to feel a moment of patriotism and pride for their country, then so be it.

It was a thoughtful ad, and it started and ended with English being the focus.

I’m going to go have a Coke.

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Am I responsible to pay for your birth control?

After working diligently for my money and the ability to spend it the way I like, the last thing I want to think about is that some of my taxes are going to fund other people’s contraception.

I don’t care if you’re from the inner city or from the ritziest part of New York, I don’t want to pay for your birth control.  If sex matters that much to you, you should be plenty willing to earn the dollars it takes to pay for your own hobby.  If my priorities ever change and this becomes one of my monthly goals, I’ll give up a few things to put the money into a fund for myself.  I won’t expect birth control to be paid for by my government, and thereby fellow citizens, nor will I want that.  My sex is my business, not the 40 strangers I pass on the street.

Expecting other people to pay for my pastime, is like a drunk passing the hat for his addiction.  Irresponsible, yet in a society of entitled individuals, sadly predictable.

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